Monday, 2 March 2015

3 Ways to Increase Your Social Network Followers

Having a large social network followers are a dream of many. No matter you are business, a local artiste, or even a stay home mom, there are more pros than con if you have more social network followers.

However this is not an easy task. It takes times, and sometime with years of effort you just can't get more followers than some kids that regularly post selfies on their Instagram account. Don't get mad, here are 3 ways that can help yu get more social network followers, regardless of what network are you on.

  1. Show some love - Now setup a reminder that remind you everyday for this task: follow, like and comment on your potential followers. People love getting attention on social network nowadays. So giving them some follow, like and comment will surely gain something in return. Do this for an hour a day, and do this for 30 days. You will see great result. We tested this on Tumblr and in just 2 weeks of time we manage to get 2000 followers on our Tumblr account. 
  2. Post only high quality content - Produce or even using other people high quality content (remember to credit the source), don't post crappy images, don't post text only post, use high quality images or video. Trust me, this is very important. Research shown a better quality images get more clicks compare to a plain text post on social network. 
  3. Buy social network followers - I know what you think. But wait, this had proven that having a large followers will get you even more followers in return. People follow herd mentality, if they see you with large followers, they will think you are trustworthy and will want to engage with you. You can buy Instagram followers from many sources, and believe or not, celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga use these service too. 

Now this is 3 easy ways that can surely increase your social network followers in short amount of time. Don't complain that a 14 y.o. kids can get 100k followers but you can't if you don't take action now!